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Sushi Link

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | March 12, 2012

I lived on Brunswick Street for 5 years and one gets to know the places to eat at and those to avoid.

Friends would arrive in Fitzroy from the burbs and call me:

“Ness, we’re going here for lunch, are you coming?”

“Good luck eating there!” I’d be saying, silently within.

Now, let’s be serious. Sushi Link is not the classiest, most authentic venue to obtain Japanese food in Fitzroy. but nor does it set out to be.

Sushi Link is however, a great place for a casual bite to eat or takeaway.

It’s food is always fresh, the staff and chef welcome you with sincere smiles and their service is speedy and efficient.

Sushi Link offers an array of Japanese and Chinese cuisine, including sushi, noodles, soups and meat/rice dishes.

For takeaway sushi, I recommend the salmon, tuna or satay hand rolls. (There are vegetarian options available too.)

During the week, Sushi Link is continuously busy and seems to be a popular choice amongst the workers in the area.

The dining area is pleasant enough and there are magazines and newspapers always available to peruse while you scoff.

I am a huge fan of their combination soup, but my usual order is Kway Teow with mild chilli. It’s hard to find places that make a good Kway Teow, but Sushi Link’s is nearing perfection.

Sushi hand rolls are under $3 each and most noodles, soups and rice/meat dishes are around $11 on the main menu.

They do have a “food hall type” lunch section, where hot dishes sit under glass, for example spring rolls, teriyaki chicken etc. I’ve never ventured here, as I like my food fresh.

Between 4pm to 6pm they have dinner boxes for sale for $4-5. These sell like hot cakes and are perfect if its been a tough day at work and you’re not in the mood to cook.

You can pre-order food over the phone but they do not offer delivery or open in the evenings, which is a shame because I believe business would boom.

When you’re next in Fitzroy and looking for a quick bite to eat with an oriental flavour, give ‘Sushi Link’ a shot.