Recent Publicity 2019:

Vanessa makes her debut on the Ultra Tune Maxim Magazine HOT 100

Vanessa: A Sexual Conscience: Part ll Narrative Paths Journal 4th Nov 2019

Quadrant Magazine 13th of July 2019

The Guardian 5th of July 2019

Press Interviews with Vanessa:

Every orgasm I have is a show of defiance to my rapist Theatre Things UK

Interview with a Bigger Brighter World

Acting spotlight on Vanessa

5×5 with the hook – Vanessa de Largie

A Sexual Conscience: Interview with Vanessa de Largie Narrative Paths Journal

Vanessa de Largie from The Victress Sex Blogger Spotlight Series

Vanessa de Largie Interview Cliché Magazine

Writer, feminist and  sex-blogger Vanessa de Largie talks to AU Review

Interview with Bookreader Magazine

Limelight interview with Jessica Kong

​Interview with Vanessa – Ezra Magazine

Awesome Gang

Vanessa’s interview with Beat Magazine

Articles that mention Vanessa’s work:

thrilled to get a write-up by Dominant Rich Le Corre in Paris (written in French but can be translated to English).

Article in German Magazine Brigitte, referencing Vanessa’s work iNews UK

Vanessa mentioned in Canadian Sexpert Jon Pressick’s column on Kinkly (1)

Vanessa mentioned in Canadian Sexpert Jon Pressick’s column for Kinkly (2)

Article about Vanessa’s book Don’t Hit Me in the Sydney Art Guide

Mentioned in Samantha X’s column for The Daily Telegraph

Vanessa’s work referenced in German Magazine ZE.TT

Negative Publicity:

The Washington Times

Cosmopolitan US

The Guardian


The Herald Sun

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