Author Bio

Vanessa is the author of 3 memoirs. In 2013, her erotic memoir Tantric Afternoons was published by Parisian publisher Hampress.  The book received a rave review by acclaimed author Kate Holden, who likened de Largie’s writing to Anais Nin’s. 

In 2015, Vanessa’s #1 Amazon Bestseller Don’t Hit Me! was picked up by Seattle publisher Booktrope and released as a paperback and ebook globally.  

‘Don’t Hit Me!’ received five-star-reviews from the prestigious Midwest Book Review , the San Francisco Book Review and the #1 Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer in The UK. (Mr Baz). ​It was the recipient of a Global eBook Award (Bronze), Readers Favorite Award (Silver) and Honorable Mention Award at the London Book Festival.

Vanessa self published her rape memoir Without My Consent which received an Honorable Mention Award at The New York Book Festival.

Vanessa often collaborates with other authors and artists. In 2016, Vanessa contributed 6 sex-poems which were published in the coffee table book In The Woods & On The Heath accompanying the drawings of Dutch/German artist – van Rijn.  Feminist icon — Annie Sprinkle also contributed to the book.

Vanessa’s film essay on 1977 film ‘Empire of The Ants’ was included in the 2017 Belgium movie guide: When Animals Attack: The 70 Best Horror Movies With Killer Animals.

In 2019, Dutch/German artist Jan van Rijn (who Vanessa has collaborated with previously) released his art book in Europe, titled A Few Miles Outside of Atlantis.  Vanessa is honoured to have her erotic poems feature opposite Jan’s artwork.