Vanessa de Largie is the sex-columnist at Maxim Magazine and an opinion-columnist at The Spectator. She is first and foremost a writer, however she is also an award-winning actress and author, sex podcaster, speaker and prolific freelance journalist.

Vanessa’s writing primarily focuses on fierce female sexuality and gender politics. She has written over a thousand columns published in approximately 60 media outlets worldwide.

Vanessa’s columns have appeared in the Huff Post (US), iNews (UK), The Daily Telegraph, Maxim Magazine, Penthouse Magazine, The Spectator, GQ Magazine,, Quadrant Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald, News.com.au, SBS, The Mercury, Perth Now and innumerable others.

In 2019 Vanessa debuted at #60 on the Ultra Tune Maxim Magazine HOT 100, the definitive list of Australia’s most beautiful and talented women,  she also spoke at the prestigious Liberty Friedman Conference in Sydney and appeared on Australian talk show Studio 10, defending hardcore porn.

As an actress, Vanessa has worked on countless productions in film and theatre. She trained at the esteemed Actors Centre in London and the New Actors Workshop in New York.

In 2017 Vanessa spent six months living in the UK and had the great privilege of performing her one-woman show at the Tristan Bates Theatre in the West End.

A decade prior, Vanessa was cast in the lead role of Australian feature film Nocturne, Night of The Vampire distributed by Troma. The film screened at the Brussels Fantastic Film Festival, Cork Film Festival, Athens Film Festival, Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival, Portobello Film Festival and Broet. Vanessa attended all screenings as an international guest.

Vanessa is the author of three memoirs — Tantric Afternoons and the award-winning Don’t Hit Me and Without My Consent.  In 2021, Don’t Hit Me was turned into an audiobook and Vanessa was signed by Authors Republic in Canada. The audiobook is distributed on platforms such as Audible, Google Play, Barnes & Noble and others.

Vanessa regularly collaborates with acclaimed German artist, van Rijn on limited edition art and poetry books and Vanessa’s film essay ‘Empire of The Ants’ was included in the 2017 Belgium movie guide: When Animals Attack: The 70 Best Horror Movies With Killer Animals. 

In 2020, Vanessa’s raw and candid podcast Nothing BUTT Sex launched on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and YouTube.

Vanessa suffers from the condition ‘Endometriosis’ and has used her writing to create awareness about the disorder. She wrote a play titled If A Bloke Had Endo. It was performed at the Box Hill Hospital to doctors, international experts and politicians. Vanessa’s essays have been published in the medical journal, Endo Issues. Additionally, Vanessa was invited to write a column about Endometriosis for the Huff Post.

Vanessa has worked with two world-famous photographers. In 2010, she had the privilege of shooting with David Lachapelle for the Nokia campaign. Lachapelle’s images have appeared on the covers of Vanity Fair, Vogue, The New York Times Magazine and Rolling Stone.  In 2017 she shot with Belgian celebrity photograher Kris Dewitte — Kris went on to shoot a cover for Vanity Fair in 2018.

Vanessa is represented by elite talent agent, Daniel Scharf for acting, film and television.  As a speaker, she is represented by Saxton Speakers Bureau..

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Awards & Accolades

  • Awarded a Full Scholarship with the Eckhart Tolle Foundation (completed)
  • Awarded Internship at The Spectator in London (cancelled due to pandemic)
  • Debuted at #60 on the Ultra Tune Maxim Magazine HOT 100
  • Was signed by Saxton Speakers Bureau as a keynote speaker
  • Honorable Mention Award for Without My Consent – New York Book Festival
  • Winner of the Silver Medal for Don’t Hit Me – Readers Favorite
  • Most Promising Australian Actress of the Month – StarCentral Magazine
  • Debuted on StarCentral Magazine’s HOT list
  • Appeared on the cover of SF-TERRA (Dutch SciFi & Horror Magazine)
  • Shortlisted for the Viviens Autograph Model Search amongst 4500 entrants
  • Five-star review for Don’t Hit Me by the esteemed Midwest Book Review
  • Five-star review for Don’t Hit Me by the San Francisco Book Review
  • Winner of the Bronze Award for Don’t Hit Me – Global eBook Awards
  • Honorable Mention Award for Don’t Hit Me at the London Book Festival
  • Five-star review for Don’t Hit Me from the Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer (UK)
  • Victorian finalist in the Miss Pinup Australia Pageant
  • Best Female Actor in a short film – Melbourne Underground Film Festival
  • Best Female Actor in a feature film – Melbourne Underground Film Festival
  • Winner of the Commended Prize (short story) – Daffodil Days Arts Awards

Critical Acclaim

“Vanessa de Largie is a very talented actor, writer and communicator.

As an actor, Vanessa always gives a deep, riveting and emotionally unique performance.

As a writer, Vanessa has the ability to tell hard hitting but informative stories that resonate with a wide readership.

As a communicator, Vanessa is an open-minded, honest, articulate and revealing public speaker, podcaster and media personality.”
Daniel Scharf
Producer of Romper Stomper
Vanessa is one of life’s natural polymaths: she acts, she dances, she writes and a lot more… And she does it all with great panache and a finely tuned instinct for the viscera, the inner turmoil, the bodily pleasures – and horrors. As a publisher, it was her writing that caught my eye: sheer, gutsy unadorned prose that dives on her subject like a morsel in the eye of a bird of prey….
Paul Ham
Acclaimed Australian Historian and Economist
Many moral crusaders seem driven by hunger for power. Take actor and writer, Vanessa de Largie.
Andrew Bolt
Journalist, The Herald Sun
Vanessa de Largie’s wonderful fierce and tender sexuality reminds me of Anais Nin’s: she’s a woman who doesn’t deny her body and her desires but follows them unafraid and rejoicing. These days this sincerity makes her a truly refreshing voice – and a happy one to find.
Kate Holden
Australian Author and Former Age Columnist
Yes, yes, YES! Ohmigod Yes! No sadly I’m not in the middle of a When Harry Met Sally orgasm, but I am screaming in agreement at Vanessa de Largie’s brilliant piece on how women want sex not romance.
Samantha X
Madam & Journalist – The Daily Telegraph
Vanessa de Largie is a writer with the courage to explore subject matter other writers would choose to defer, deny or dilute. She articulates truths so close to the bone, you feel like you’re in the room with her (sometimes when you’d rather not be). Her work jumps off the page, grabs you by the scruff of the neck and drags you along at breakneck speed, leaving you thrilled, exhausted, exhilarated. You’ll need to talk about it.
Paul Kooperman
Manager of Communications at the Department of Premier and Cabinet (Vic), Former CEO of Australian Poetry
"Vanessa is as bold and brave and accomplished in her writing as she is in her acting. She puts up no veils between herself and the reader. Truth is her religion, and insight and sensitivity the tools of her craftsmanship. I have always found that if you write something with truth at the heart of it, people will respond. In a world where movies and books are full of phony emotions based on things not experienced by the writer but instead taught to them in some class on how to make a fast buck in an equally phony industry, Vanessa is a beacon of light. She is, simply, the real deal."
Frank Howson
Award winning movie director, playwright and best selling author.
One of the reasons Vanessa de Largie is one of the best sex writers around is because she can always make us consider the many different sides to a situation. As Vanessa notes, slut shaming is so ingrained in our society, people may not even know they are propagating these hurtful ideas.
Jon Pressick
Canadian Sexpert, Kinkly
Looming large and over this year’s Sexy International Film Festival – despite its myriad other attractions – was the preternatural presence of versatile and local actor Vanessa de Largie. De Largie first came to Cultural Cringe’s notice in local auteur Bill Mousoulis’s extraordinary 2007 vampire film, Nocturne Night Of The Vampire, where her natural ability, unearthly beauty and her sheer presence, like that of an old time Hollywood star complimented gorgeously Mousoulis’s directing style.
Tony McMahon
Journalist, Inpress Magazine
Ms. de Largie’s self-serving claim not to be a “conservative” is debunked by a quick Google search. She is just a purveyor of standard extreme RWNJ tropes, a wannabe Bettina Arndt.
Ken Parish
Former Australian Politician