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2022 – My year in review – The year of the tiger

2022 was the year that I … 

actively changed lifelong patterns that no longer serve me.

What was different about this year…

Tigers happen to be my favourite animal and 22 is my birthdate. So I spent the year putting myself first. I wish I’d done it sooner. 

Highlights  and accomplishments of 2022

In February, I received news about a writing project. So I have spent the last ten months working on that. I’ll be able to reveal more soon.

What worked in 2022 … 

In addition to my work as a columnist.  I’ve done freelance copywriting and content writing for a decade. 

Admittedly I’ve stuck to certain industries.

This year I went outside my comfort zone and completed 3 FinTech contracts, (financial technology contracts).

It was empowering to prove my versatility and competence (as a writer) to my employer and myself. 

What didn’t work in 2022 … 

I still have a tendency to “give” to individuals who aren’t worthy of my time. But it’s something I am working on. 

What did I learn in 2022 … 

I discovered a lot of new podcasts, youtube channels and people who inspire me. I learned more about entrepreneurship, fasting, exercise, fashion-history, the supernatural and Australian law.

How did my life evolve in 2022 …

2022 has definitely been a transitional year for me. I had to change patterns that have been with me since childhood – patterns that I inherited from my family.

It takes a lot of courage to say “enough” and choose to heal.

What about 2022 am I most grateful for… 

  • I am grateful for genuine friendships with genuine people. It’s hard to find kindred spirits in this world – but they do exist.
  • I am grateful I had my first SOBER birthday since I was 15. Who knew birthdays could be enjoyed without drinking alcohol? I spent the day exercising, drinking cups of herbal tea and feeling very loved by dear friends.
  • I am grateful for the writing project that I have worked on all year (more to be revealed soon).  It has given my life meaning and structure.
  • I am grateful for my out-of-control vintage shopping addiction — it gives me so much PLEASURE. 👿❤.  


What is the takeaway from this year? 

I took my power back by making small, committed changes. Usually, I start new years with too many goals in too many areas and I become overwhelmed.

This year I chose two primary goals and put all my energy into them. It’s a much more workable way for achieving.  

I intend to approach 2023 in the same fashion.