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The Velvet Thruster Review By Maxim Sex Columnist – Vanessa de Largie

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The Thruster by Velvet Co is without doubt the most EXCITING sexual product, I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.  

It’s not just a sex-toy — it’s a sex machine!

The Thruster was designed by engineers (a husband and wife duo) who had experience in adult lifestyle parties…

It was born after 20 years spent in the aerospace manufacturing business.  

Like a giggly school-girl I stood around taking photos of it, stroking it and charging it up with the  magnetic charger —  all ready for usage.

Before christening my new sex machine, I played with the buttons to roadtest it’s thrusts.

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

This was the closest thing anyone had created in comparison to a real dick.

And as a highly-sexed woman who needs numerous orgasms a day — I was excited.

The Velvet Thruster uses state-of-the-art technology.  

It has a bendable shaft, 3 inches of thrust and can jackhammer at 140 thrusts per minute.  WATCH OUT ALL MEN!!!!!

I don’t usually announce my score in an adult product review until the very end.  But in this instance, I’m breaking my own rules.  I give The Thruster 10 out of 5.  (It’s that good!!)  I’ve been using it for just over a month and to put it quite frankly — it does the job well.

I can lie back with a clitoral toy, clasp the handheld sex machine between my legs and allow it to penetrate me like a bloke would.  But what I have found is even more enjoyable…

Because of the flat base, I can stand it on top of the bed and straddle it, which quite literally gives me screaming (so loud as if I’m being murdered) orgasms.  No exaggeration.

Are there any issues with this product?  Yes there is.  But in saying that, what it’s got going for it outdoes all other sex toys.


  • The controls are at the base of the sex machine which is problematic 
  • The sex machine is not water-proof.  As a girl who loves masturbating in the bath.  This is disappointing
  • It’s noisy
  • If you’re aren’t a US resident, you will have to purchase an adaptor
  • Much of the movement seems to be happening in the ‘machine’ part of the toy rather than the shaft where it should be happening


  • True to it’s reputation, The Thruster is a fucking machine that doesn’t disappoint. Unlike any other adult product.
  • 10 adjustable speeds (not to mention the possibilty of 140 thrusts per minute)
  • Can use The Thruster with water based lubes
  • Made of body safe silicone.
  • Flawless smooth texture.
  • For one hour of charging, you get eight hours of usage.  INCREDIBLE!
  • Genderless.  Can be used vaginally or anally.

The Thruster comes in 4 variants.  Jackie, Walter, Frankie and Abbey.  I have only tried Jackie.

Priced at $199 US  (which I think is incredibly reasonable for the luxurious machine that you’re getting in return).  I would not hesitate to recommend The Thruster to anyone.  Thank you once again Velvet Co for sending it to me!

I am compensated for ALL product reviews but it does not sway my opinion in any way, shape or form. 

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