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Satisfyer Pro Penguin Review By Maxim Sex Columnist – Vanessa de Largie

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin was kindly sent to me by Nikki Darling. This was my first time using a Satisfyer and I was excited, after hearing so much applause.

The penguin arrived in discreet Australia Post packaging.  Inside, was a beautifully wrapped parcel with a personalised note and a ‘Nikki Darling’ pin, promoting sex-positivity.  (Which I thought was a really nice touch)!

Dressed to the nines in a hot pink bow-tie, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin is cute and adorable.

His silicone body feels lusciously smooth and is a pleasure to hold whilst self-pleasuring.

​The Satisfyer is a QUIET little Penguin.  He does tend to get excited and make noise underwater. Because it’s a tough gig breathing through your nose!

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin stands at almost 11 cm’s tall.  He functions via the white button on his belly. He’s 100% waterproof like any fair dinkum penguin should be!

I was desperate to know how the Penguin would feel to me personally.  I had read various opinions online about the product.  With many comparing the penguin with cunnilingus.  MEOW.

After charging my stylish new friend via my laptop usb — it was time to run a bath, pour a wine and FINALLY discover what all these orgasmic females were raving about…

Using the Satisfyer Pro Penguin is pretty straightforward. 

  • Part your labia
  • Place the nozzle of the penguin over your clit
  • Press the white button on his belly to program
  • And voila….!

The  Satisfyer array of products (from Germany) work via air pulse, non touch (suction type) technology. 

I wouldn’t really say that the Pro Penguin feels like oral sex. Actually, the feeling is pretty indescribable.  But oh-so-pleasurable!

Within two minutes of using the Pro Penguin, I was orgasming like a mofo. Impressive!  On the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 22nd time using the Pro Penguin, I was having mind-blowing multiple orgasms.  

The penguin makes me climax on every single use.  And ​coupled with a g-spot toy.  My knees buckle and my toes curl.

For women who primarily use their sex-toys during bath time like me. YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS TOY!  In true penguin-style he performs underwater, better than any other toy I have ever used.

​It is suggested that one uses lube on their clitoris to make the ‘Pro Penguin experience’ more pleasurable — I strongly disagree.  I have used the toy numerous times with lube and without.  And I personally prefer it au naturale.

My newest best buddy — Mr Satisfyer Pro Penguin,  goes to work on my anatomy every evening, as I sit sipping a glass of wine.  And I don’t intend to give him a boot to the curb anytime soon.

To purchase this fabulous specimen of a penguin for just $90.00 AUD.  

Head to the wonderful Nikki Darling website now.

I am giving the Satisfyer Pro Penguin 
​5 stars (out of 5)

Product Info:

Materials: Silicone
​Easy to clean
Functions: 11 pulse settings
Style: Strong, pressure wave stimulation
Power source: USB Rechargeable (charger included)
Manufacturer: Satisfyer
Origin: Germany
Other details: Waterproof

I am compensated for ALL product reviews but it does not sway my opinion in any way, shape or form.