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Mysteryvibe Crescendo Review By Maxim Sex Columnist – Vanessa de Largie

 I received this complimentary product courtesy of Polari  Media.

The Mysteryvibe Cresendo achieved a level of publicity, that other manufacturers could only DREAM  about, prior to launching.

The Crescendo journey began as a crowdfunding campaign on BORN and exploded on to the scene — being coined by many  as the next BIG thing.

The fact that the Crescendo is a bendy, gender-neutral, 6-motor vibe with an APP, gave it instant worldwide headlines.

When I was approached by Polari Media in Los Angeles in 2017 and given the opportunity to review this futuristic British-born sex-toy…  I jumped at the chance.


The packaging for the Mysteryvibe Crescendo is topnotch — black, slick and sophisticated. Inside you’ll find the blue  crescendo, (also available in purple) along with the charging-stand, cable and the most GORGEOUS storage bag, 


Admittedly this is my first ‘wireless’ rechargeable sex-toy.  The charging stand plugs into the USB port at the side of my laptop and I lie the Crescendo on top. Personally, I prefer sex-toys where the wire plugs into the vibrator itself  — because it’s much less fiddly.


For an hour of charge, the Crescendo gives you two hours of play.  You just press a button to turn it on — easy peasy! And use the + and signs on the side of the toy to increase or decrease the intensity.  And the <  > signs to explore 16 various vibrations.


If you need ADDITIONAL vibrations to satisfy you… You can download the Mysteryvibe Crescendo App to your iPhone or Android.  But more on the app later…


The flexibility of this toy is fantastic.  It bends easily into umpteen body-adapting shapes. It’s 100% waterproof and has a lovely texture made out of body-safe premium silicon.


 The Mysteryvibe Crescendo is a really interesting sex-toy. With a few tweaks here and there, it could be a real winner in the sex-tech market.

Firstly, I absolutely LOVE the velvety texture of the vibe and how it feels internally. I also love being able to shape it to target my g-spot.  

I prefer this kind of sex-toy for my g-spot, than others I’ve reviewed such as the Sola Cue G-Spot Vibrator or the Bondara Slim G-Spot Wand.

I’ve used it in the bath.  I’ve squatted on it . I’ve straddled it cow-girl style on the bed. And I’ve used it with my legs fully raised, lying horizontal.

There are so many things to LOVE about the Crescendo but unfortunately the strength of it’s vibrations let it down.

It’s more of a buzz, than a rumble.  

I’m unable to orgasm with it clitorally.  AND I’m unable to have a G-Spot orgasm with it, sadly. It just doesn’t seem to have enough power. In saying that – I love the feel of it inside of me.

The Mysteryvibe App allows Crescendo users to download additional vibrational patterns and playlists from an archive. I thought perhaps, I may be able to find a rumbly pattern there — but unfortunately not. When you try a new vibration it plays music. Ha!

Look to be honest, Fucking around with an app, when I’m just trying to get off, is not my cup of tea — quite frankly.


The Mysteryvibe Crescendo holds so much promise but it’s certainly not there yet. It’s ability to target my g-spot so easily is what impresses me most. If the vibrations could be transformed from a light buzz to a kick-arse rumble.  I have no doubt, I would be in orgasm heaven. More rumble. Less grumble.

Thank you Polari Media for sending me this toy! I am giving the Mysteryvibe Crescendo 4.5 stars (out of 5)

You can purchase your own Mysteryvibe Crescendo from for £149 with free discreet shipping worldwide.


I am compensated for ALL product reviews but it does not sway my opinion in any way, shape or form.