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Jackhammer Jesus Review by Maxim Sex Columnist – Vanessa de Largie

Jackhammer Jesus or J.J (as I call him for short) is a handcrafted, silicone dildo.  He stands at 7.5 inches high and has a girth of just under 5.5 inches.

Although nailed to a crucifix, let’s not forget Jesus was ONCE a carpenter. And boy-oh-boy does he know how to use HIS hammer.  Me fucking ow!

Priced at 69 bucks and available in 7 colors.  Jackhammer Jesus isn’t one to miss!  I give Jackhammer Jesus the PERFECT 10 (out of 5)

If Jackhammer Jesus isn’t your style:..

Then why not purchase:

The Grim Reaper

Some Holy Water Lube

Or a …

Baby Jesus Buttplug

There’s something for every sinner at Divine Interventions.  Just make sure you repent with 7 ‘Hail Marys’ after each usage.

And if by chance,  you end up in hell, I’ll buy you a beer at the bar!



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