Dear Girlfriend.

I really enjoyed blowing your boyfriend recently.

I liked the way he pushed my head down on his cock and made me take it all in.

There was SO MUCH cum. I didn’t expect to receive so much!

I want you to know that I thought of you as I swallowed his load.

​So technically — you were there with us in spirit.

​Be well.

Much Love


Dear Wifey,

I really want to fuck your husband. Would that be okay?

I’d like the opportunity to drain his cock in a myriad of ways because the sexual tension is just becoming TOO much.

I’d only need to borrow him for an hour or so.

Oral, vaginal, anal….
​two hours tops!

​Let me know your thoughts?

Best Wishes,


Dear Hubby,

You may have noticed that the only sex-position I enjoy with you these days is doggie?

Don’t take it personally — I just don’t want to see your fucking face!

When I’m bent over on all fours. It could be ANY man’s cock inside of me.

And in my mind, it is.

Any man’s cock but yours…..

Yours Unfaithfully
Sugar Blossom

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