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My sexual peak is a celebration

Vanessa de Largie | Rebelle Society | April 8, 2016

It’s widely believed that women reach their sexual peak in their late thirties.

This theory was birthed by controversial biologist Alfred Kinsey who wrote Sexual Behavior in The Human Female. There’s been countless studies carried out since, and each one contradicts the other.

My hormones have taken over my body. I refer to them as my whore-moans or my moaning-whores — they won’t shut-up or be denied. They are screaming out for sex, and they want it with everyone. No one is safe, run as fast as you can.

They make me act like a pubescent teenager.

They make me act like a walking lady-boner.

They make me act like a dirty old man.

Welcome to my sexual peak, ladies and gentlemen. May you enjoy the ride (pun intended).

Many sexperts claim that the sexual peak is a myth — well, I poke my tongue out at them. It’s not a myth. How do I know? Because I’m peaking — peaking with a promiscuous and proud capital P.

I don’t need to be a sexpert, or see results of a new study, to know that I’m in my sexual peak. I know my own body. I’m a self-aware woman. My current reality goes something like this:

Fantasize about sex. Seek sex. Have sex. Rinse and repeat.  

Fantasize about sex. Seek sex. Have sex. Rinse and repeat.

Fantasize about sex. Seek sex. Have sex. Rinse and repeat.

It’s very simple. It’s very primal, and it’s incredibly repetitive. I’ve always been a highly sexual woman — but what I’m living through now is out of control. I’m a goddamn puppet, and my moaning-whores control the strings.

I’m 39-years-proud and childless-by-choice. My body is playing tricks on me — it’s having one last hurrah in a bid to make me reproduce and put more stress on the planet. As I ride on this roller coaster of orgasms, insatiable libido and excessive masturbation, I do wonder where it will stop.

Am I gonna wake up one day as a wilted flower?

Is my juicy va-va going to become a dried-up desert of distant memories?

How far is ‘the drop’ off the top of the mountain?

A woman must ask herself these questions, so she can prepare like she’s preparing for war. People throw up sex addiction when I’ve tried to discuss my sexual peak with them. Apparently, if a woman wants an abundance of sex, then she must have a psychological condition — she couldn’t possibly just want to get laid.

Truth be known, I don’t have sex addiction, but if I’m going to get myself an addiction, that’s the one I’ll choose because it sounds like a blast.

I often feel exhausted by the amount of sexual energy I have, and try to siphon it through creativity and exercise. Often this only increases the surge. What can one do? Fight with nature? Fight with the great Goddess? I surrender to my ripeness, and stand proud in my bloom.

Be wary of the woman in her sexual peak. She may pin you up against a wall and eat you for brunch.