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Finding the perfect diary for 2015

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | Jan 9, 2015

love January because it’s the month I start looking for the perfect diary. I take my diary-hunting very seriously, I am so particular that sometimes it will be February before I find ‘The One.’

My diary is like a second home, I live in it all year long. I keep on track with my appointments. I monitor my goals. I draw. I write notes. I write quotes and I use stickers.

The diaries I choose are dependent on what I want to achieve. In 2013, I did a lot of travel, so I purchased my 2013 diary in London. It was a very artistic year so I chose a diary with a painting on the cover called ‘Unstead Farm, Godalming’ by Helen Allingham (1848-1926).

2013 Diary – Photo by Vanessa de Largie.

In 2014, my love of acting and film returned, so I decided to make my own diary. Putting Marilyn and Harpo Marx on the front and Bette Davis on the back. Bless the old stars.

2014 Diary- Photo by Vanessa de Largie

2015 for me, is about simplicity. I’ve built the basic foundation of my dream. So now I have to focus on the details. My diaries are usually very busy visually. This year I wanted something very plain yet classy. A diary that I could dream in.

My 2015 Diary – the one.

After many internet searches locally and internationally, I found – ‘The One’. A beige soft covered diary that looks like cardboard but is gold trimmed. I found this gem at Mi Goals, a local business founded by Adam Jelic.

It’s the diary I’ve always wanted but never been able to find. It has quotes on each page, goal tables, weekly calenders, space for notes. I totally recommend you check out their site.

2015 is going to be trimmed with gold. Have you found your perfect diary yet?