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The Joe Manifesto At The Dan O’Connell

Vanessa de Largie | Milk Bar Magazine | December 5, 2014

‘Order is fake. Chaos is real.’

The Joe Manifesto is the creation of award-winning writer/actor/director – Gregory Pakis. The feature film is a semi-autobiographical story in which Pakis poses the question, ‘How honest can you really be in life?’

The film took Pakis five years to write and four years to make. It was produced by 2012 Tropfest winning producer – Julian Costanzo. Pakis plays the role of Joe who is striving to live a life of truth. But is such an existence really possible? The Joe Manifesto goes on to explore this question.

Joe is ‘a suit’ and works in a 9-5 office job. He has a nice fiancé Marg (played perfectly by Fiona Macys). Sexual excitement and self-expression are severely lacking in Joe’s (average) life until his path crosses with Vee (played by talented actress Chloe Gardner). Vee lures Joe into her wild ways of partner and job swapping. Joe is inspired by a small book which Vee calls ‘The Manifesto’ – it emphasises being honest and impulsive in life.

The rules of The Manifesto are:

1. Change any routine when you are feeling bored.
2. Be 100% honest.
3. Wear your heart on your sleeve.
4. Push people past their breaking point.
5. Never use alcohol or drugs to loosen up

Joe dumps his soon-to-be missus, gets a job demotion and begins to tell people what he truly thinks of them. Joe’s life soon becomes the chaotic adventure he sought. But has he gone too far?

This is a beautiful film with a great premise. Chloe Gardner’s performance is refreshingly raw. Don’t miss out on seeing The Joe Manifesto this December. It will screen at The Dan O’Connell four times only.

THE JOE MANIFESTO  – Screening Details
Sunday, 7th December: 1pm
Monday, 8th December: 7:30pm
Sunday, 14th December: 1pm
Monday, 15th December: 7:30pm

The Joe Manifesto
The Dan O’Connell, 225 Canning Street, Carlton