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The Spooktober Haunted House

Vanessa de Largie | October 13, 2013

In the dark shadows of Malvern East, where the bat-wings flap and a floorboard creaks – stands a haunted house. Residents in the area refer to this house as the Gables Mansion but those in ‘the know’ call it Spooktober.

Spooktober Organiser, Dale Pope – caught the “Halloween Bug” whilst in the US and decided to make it big here. This is how the birth of Melbourne’s only Halloween attraction came to be.

Spookober 2013 was a major success – a totally sold-out event of 1000 attendees including a Channel 9 news crew and TV personality Chrissie Swan.

With a butler named Dobson who guided families through the haunted house, which was devilled with wandering witches, ghosts and skeletons – I was surprised that everyone managed to make it out alive.

Mums, Dads and children came dressed in their best Halloween outfit, joining in on the games and trick or treating.

Spooktober 2014 promises to be even bigger, better and spookier. Come again if you dare.