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St Patrick’s Cathedral

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Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | October 9, 2012

St Patrick’s Cathedral is gorgeous and gothic. If you are into fairytales like me – you can almost imagine a princess being trapped in one of the towers, throwing her long braids out the window and a prince climbing up to rescue her.

Yes, the architecture of St Patrick’s Cathedral, is the stuff of fairytales and the home to many weddings. It mimics the cathedrals of fourteenth century England, with it’s gothic revival style.

It was Melbourne architect, William Wardell whom was commissioned to design the incredible structure, with the first foundation stone being laid in 1858.

Today was my Mum’s Birthday and although I wouldn’t call myself religious, I am fond of ceremony. So I decided I would venture to St Pat’s and light a candle in memory of my Mum.

The ambience was just beautiful – my Mum’s candle stood amidst an array of candle light, each sparkling brightly – with a hope, a prayer.

At St Patrick’s Cathedral, it’s not only the ambience and peace one finds inside but the gardens outside are magnificent. Manicured lawns, flowers blooming, comfortable seats and benches. A nice place to sit with a book and some lunch.

I even spent some time, taking photos of religious statues. It was a really peaceful and enjoyable few hours.

Whether you’re religious or not, St Patrick’s Cathedral is a place to find some peace and reflect. Only a stone’s throw away from the city. I highly recommend you visit.

For more info about St Patrick’s Cathedral, visit their¬†website.