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Vali Myers ‘Night Flower’ Book Launch & Exhibition

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | September 20, 2012

Outre Gallery is publishing and producing a new book on my favourite artist in the entire world – Vali Myers.

Vali Myers was a ballsy, worldly, bohemian flame-haired artiste (and for a time vagabond) who left Australia as a young woman, living in France and later Italy, where she resided in a canyon. Vali’s career began in the cafes of Paris in the 1950’s where she would draw and dance.

If you are free on September 21, then don’t miss out on your chance to attend the Night Flower Book Launch and Exhibition at Outre Gallery. You will witness unseen photos, diary excerpts and early drawings of Vali’s. What a treat!

Contact Outre Gallery today to show your interest and confirm your attendance to this event.

You will no doubt leave with a book or a print under your arm. I’ll see you there.