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Cake Decorating Classes @ Blackwood Lane

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | June 6, 2012

I am by no means a domestic goddess, actually I fail miserably, I burn water.

But I do love sparkly pretty things and this includes foods. I love fairy bread and I don’t understand why one doesn’t see more fairy bread sandwiches in the lunch room?

Even more, I love pretty cakes with pascal icings and shiny lollies perched on top.

My Nan & Pop Capes, spent their working life at Mills & Wares, in Fremantle, Western Australia as a pastry cook and cake decorator. So maybe my attraction to pretty cakes is in my blood.

I know Mum loved cooking cakes, needless to say, my house was a popular destination for the kids around the neighbourhood on a Sunday.

But unfortunately the cake making skills weren’t inherited by moi, so I have to seek out cake shops and bakeries instead, to get my fill.

Currently, Blackwood Lane in Oakleigh are hosting cake decorating classes. You can find class timetables and dates here.

If cupcakes are your thing, I suggest you have a look at the Living Social Deal currently going – which includes a cupcake decorating class plus 12 sparkly cupcakes to take home (if they make it home.)

This is usually priced at $120, currently it’s just $49. Pretty awesome.

To discuss cake decorating classes, you can call Angela on 9563 3255