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Go Karting @ Silhouette Karts

Fastest Go Karts in Melbourne – Silhouette.

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | May 31, 2012

Go Karting sounds so ‘bogan’ does it not? That was my view before I had experienced it.

Now when I arrive at the track, I pretend I’m the prettier version of Mark Webber.

My foot on the accelerator, the track unfolding ahead and that speed.

Driving fast is so good, I love the adrenalin rush, what a turn on!

So what have you got planned for this weekend?

Don’t tell me it’s another 3 days on the couch or more catchup drinks with friends?

You’ve done that consecutively for the last 10 weekends! Go outside your comfort zone. Get yourself a need for speed.

Grab a pal and head out to Silhouette Karts. You will have a ball. I guarantee. (And on your way past, pick up me.)

Silhouette Karts is situated in Somerton, 20kms north of Melbourne city.

Teenagers as young as 16 are permitted to drive. (Do make sure you wear closed in shoes.)

For kids who are too young to operate a go kart, there is a tandem option, so they don’t miss out on the experience.

For prices, check out the Silhouette Website.

The Go Karts at Silhouette boast a 2-stroke engine which scream to around 12 000 RPM.

So what are you waiting for?

I’ll race ya.