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Sleep & Go @ Bell City

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | May 13, 2012

I am a self confessed loner. I know exactly what Virginia Wolf was talking about when she said a woman needs ‘A Room Of One’s Own.’┬áSometimes I feel like I need a whole universe of my own.

All confessions aside, you can now begin to understand how I go living with housemates. And it doesn’t matter how considerate or angelic my housemates are, it gets to a point where I need ‘time out.’

If I was indigenous, I would probably go walkabout – that’s the kind of person I am. Being around people for too long suffocates me, I need solitude to renew. The weekend just past, I was definitely craving some solitude.

On Friday night I got on the internet to find some cheap accommodation. Sleep & Go at Bell City was the first hotel to come up. $69 for the night is very cheap and one could associate the word ‘dodgy’ but the pictures on their website sold it to me, so I booked in for two nights.

I stayed in a single studio which had a bed, phone, microwave, air-conditioning/heating, Flat Screen TV, shower, toilet and a window with the view of the city.

It wasn’t 5 star but it certainly wasn’t what one expected you could get under the label ‘budget.’ Plus you received access to use the sauna/steamroom and gym at the Rydges nextdoor.

I was as happy as Larry. I had my books, I had my journal, I had some note paper, if I got inspired to write. I had bars and restaurants downstairs and I had access to a 24 hour gym and sauna. Life was good!

The first night I went down to JD’s and had some dinner. The food was delicious. (Have reviewed JD’s in a separate article.)

The only problem with Bell City, is that it’s a good 10-15 minute walk away from supermarket, shops etc. Bell City has used this to their advantage by hiking up the prices for everything. Most people will pay a higher price for the convenience.

Not this ducky! (haha.) I trod the wet and wooly 15 minute walk for groceries at Safeway to avoid getting stitched up and in return I got a blister from my new high heel boots and soaking wet slacks. (But I saved $15! Such the bargain hunter. Blame my Mum).

If you do plan on staying at Sleep & Go. Come prepared. Buy some food that can be heated up or some fruit. Bring some cutlery.

In the single room, you literally only get one cup (not even a saucer), that’s the budget part! They try and sell you plates and cutlery at reception. I beat them here too, with my packet of plastic forks at Safeway for 79 cents (I’m a genius).

As long as you come prepared with a few incidentals, you can really enjoy your stay at Sleep & Go. For only $69 a night for a single room. What have you got to lose?