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5 Lovely Things To Say on Mother’s Day

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | May 6, 2012

You are probably already aware of this but Mum’s are actually super-heroes in disguise.

This must have already crossed your mind? Did it not?

How do you think they manage to do it all?

How do you think they deal with ‘us’ (their children)?

They have Super-Mum powers, I am convinced.

It’s not what you buy your Mum or where you take her on Mother’s Day, not everyone can afford a present or an outing.

When it gets to the crux of the matter ‘Mother’s Day’ is about letting your Mum know how much you care. You show her that through your heart, not your wallet. You show her that through your words & the meaning behind them.

If you want to make this Mother’s Day simply lovely – the following list may be of service.

I Love You

You often hear people say that they don’t need to tell their family that they love them because they already know. But being on the receiving end of these three words is like a small gift, it’s a heartfelt gift. It’s the essence of loving. If you find it hard to speak the words, how about writing some meaningful sentiments in a card or letter.

You Relax, I’ll Cook

A lot of men I know, say that they let their wives and mothers do all the cooking because they enjoy it. Mothers are angels, they don’t complain. No matter how much they might enjoy cooking, they certainly would be relieved to hear these four words. If you can’t cook, prepare something easy. No excuses!

I Appreciate All The Things You’ve Done For Me

Often in life, it’s the real heroes, the ones behind the scenes that get forgotten about. Mums spend a majority of their life devoted to our needs and our wants, often giving up things, that they may have liked to of done. Mothers sacrifice for their kids and it makes sense to convey your gratitude to them.


You may be fighting with your Mum at the moment. You may have not spoken for sometime. Pick up the phone or jump in the car and go and visit her. Forgive and move on. Some people don’t even have their beautiful Mums anymore. Be grateful that you do.

You’re Right Mum

How often do we feel the need to prove we are right to our parents? And it doesn’t seem to matter how old we get, it’s a way of stamping our territory, proving we are our own people now. Well, why not let the self righteous streak go for a day and let Mum think she’s right about something. You can go off course again the following day. (haha.)

Wishing you all the loveliest Mother’s Days with your Mums.