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Become a Q&A Audience Member

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | April 24, 2012

I admittedly am not a fan of television fullstop, I think it rots your brain, stifles your creativity and keeps you watching life, instead of living it.

With that said, I am a ‘huge’ fan of Q&A. I don’t make plans for Monday night, neither do my housemates. That night is reserved. A bottle of red, a nice home made dinner and we settle in to watch some healthy and often entertaining debate.

If you are interested in ‘What’s happening in Australia?’, ‘Whose doing what’ and current political issues. Well then Q&A may be of great interest to you. (If you are not aware of the program already)

Perhaps you have questions you want answered, topics you want discussed? Well, have you thought about registering to be part of the Q&A audience?

Click here on the Q&A website and fill out the registration form.

In the next few months, you could be an audience member, watching your favourite well-known Aussies (or least favourite) battling it out.

Some past members include Germaine Greer, Richard Dawkins, Archbishop Pell, the fabulous Anthony Grayling and most recently Bob Brown.

So to put yourself amongst the heat of the discussion and do something active towards change, why not become a Q&A audience member?

Jump to it.