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The Butterfly House @ Melbourne Zoo

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | April 15, 2012

If you are looking for an experience of wonder and beauty, then you must pay a visit to The Butterfly House at Melbourne Zoo.

The Butterfly House is kept at around 28 degrees all year round. (A great place to visit in Winter.)

It is full of hundreds of colourful and varied species of butterflies, that fly around free, perching themselves on your shoulders, head, arms and hands.

The Butterfly House is full of lush vegetation and greenery. It is simply majestic.

My visit to The Butterfly House remains one of the bittersweet memories of my life. My terminally ill Mum flew over to spend four weeks with her only daughter and we painted Melbourne bright red.

We visited The Butterfly House and didn’t want to leave, it was an exceptional experience.

It really is so very, very beautiful. It’s not your everyday experience either, you leave feeling inspired, feeling one with nature and feeling kissed by warmth.

If you love photo opportunities, well then don’t forget to take your camera. You will definitely find some Kodak moments.

So spread your wings and flutter your way to The Butterfly House.
Well don’t just stand there! C’mon.

Flutter-flutter. Flutter-flutter.