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Make a Vision Board

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | April 10, 2012

Vision Boards are a great tool to help you identify and reach your goals, they are also great for helping one to remain positive.

Successful people are usually great visualisers. They can visualize in their mind, what they want to achieve.

They hold that picture in their sub conscious and work towards creating a way to make it a reality.

Every success begins with a dream, an idea, a visualization of what ‘could’ be. From there, its all about putting it into action.

How many great ideas never come to fruition? Millions I’m guessing. One has to take action, one has to execute a plan. Making a vision board will help you to do this.

Write down on a piece of paper 4 areas of your life that are most important to you or where you desire change.

For example, my 4 areas would be – career, travel, creativity and fitness. (If you want to do more than 4 areas, that’s fine too.)

Your 4 areas may be more relationship based or finance based, there is no right or wrong here.

After you’ve chosen your 4 areas. You will need to get yourself some magazines. You can pick up a bundle of second hand magazines from op shops for a couple of bucks.

Find yourself a space on your own, I like the loungeroom floor (but you can use your bed or your kitchen table, wherever you’re most comfortable).

Grab some scissors, put on some tunes and begin to cut out images from mags, that match your visualisation in each chosen area.

For example, say I want to have a washboard tummy by next summer, well I might cut out a picture of a girl in a bikini with nice abs ( I have even gone so far to stick my head on other people – it’s pretty funny but true!)

You may have ‘finance’ as one of your areas. You may want to attract money into your life. Perhaps you could cut out pictures of cold hard cash.

Now I use a piece of coloured cardboard for my vision boards but some people just use their visual diary, which is fine.

You can divide your page into 4 sections, with the heading up the top, sticking the pictures with glue underneath collage style or perhaps you want to write a few notes besides each picture, outlining the goal and what needs to be done.

Some people, have a visual diary page for each area and do a collage. This is entirely up to you.

I make a new vision board every January. I make it real ceremonious. I have some classical music and some candles, a glass of wine and I sit there for hours, creating the yellow brick road to my dreams.

Does it work? I think it helps. You have to stick your visionboard somewhere where you can see it everyday.

Perhaps, give yourself a tick or a gold star or a treat, when you achieve one of your goals.

You are tracking your progress. Your goals are in front of you every day, visually. No more excuses!

I encourage you to get out your mags, your glue stick and your scissors and start taking some affirmative action. It’s well worth your time and alot of fun.

Happy Vision Boarding!