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4 Female Writers To Acquaint Yourself With

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | March 27, 2012

I have always loved writing but funnily enough, I only embraced reading in my mid teens.

In saying that, once I discovered the deliciousness of books, boys took second place and I have been an avid reader ever since.

The following 4 writers have had a place in my life for some time. They are all incredibly brave women whose insights and rawness shook the literary world.

I return to their books and essays again and again, always discovering something new, often just a new perspective.

I hope they stir something within you.

Simone de Beauvoir was a French existentialist philosopher, writer and feminist.

All females should be encouraged to read de Beauvoir. I discovered her in my late teens, when I discovered her book The Second Sex.

Later in my early twenties, on a soul-searching journey through Victoria. I was to come across The Prime Of Life , at a second-hand bookstore in Daylesford.

I ended up purchasing it, then reading it on the green paddocks of a farm, looking up occasionally to stare out cows, (haha).

I have since read Memoirs Of A Dutiful Daughter and look forward to devouring her writings that I have not yet read.

Simone is popular for being the kindred spirit of Jean Paul Sartre. (She would detest that turn of phrase) Ah, I’m no de Beauvoir!

Her writing touches parts of your soul that perhaps remains untouched. She was also a keen walker, an adventurer (of sorts).

Get online and purchase her works, or otherwise borrow from your local library. It’s an education you will take to your grave.

Anais Nin (Drum roll) She created erotica didn’t she? Close enough. Nin (another French writer) who was famous for her erotic fiction and her fiery affair with Henry Miller. (Tropic Of Cancer.)

But her published journals, which she kept from a young girl, are a real insight into this amazing woman, who was way ahead of her time. Anais Nin writings are fairly addictive, once you begin. Enjoy!

May Sarton was a soulful writer who pulled you into the page with her ramblings about nature, depression, lesbianism, success, writing and friendship.

Her book Journal of A Solitude is my favourite. May continued to write until she died in her early 80s. I intend to go back and read more of her earlier writings when the time is right. I suggest, you discover her yourself.

Maya Angelou is an African-American poet and author. Her most famous poems are Why Does The Caged Bird Sing? and Phenomenal Woman

Her 6 autobiographies, poetically tell the story of her amazing life, tainted with hardship and continual struggle. Maya is also one of Oprah Winfrey’s mentors. The woman is a marvel, enough said.