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Guerilla Film Nite

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | March 23, 2012

Local film maker, Gregory Pakis is the creator of Guerilla Film Nite, a monthly event, that screens films which exist outside the conventional box.

Hatched only a month ago, Guerilla Film Nite is gearing up for its second night of screenings on March 25.

Weekend Notes recently spoke to Pakis to find out more.

We screen predominantly indie features, and by that we mean films that are made outside “the system”. These films are more creative and daring in their themes, have more of a personal voice and ultimately more interesting and entertaining than bigger budgeted films that can’t take chances because of their higher budgetary and marketing constraints.

Features excite me more than shorts. Anyone can make a short, but to make a feature .. to sustain an audience’s interest through a 70 minute plus story .. now that’s an accomplishment. Nevertheless we do screen a few favourite shorts as well.

Many of the indie features Guerilla Film Nite screen may never get a DVD or online release because they don’t fit inside the box, so here is a rare chance to see them.

Pakis knows only too well, the inner workings and realities of the film industry in Australia, being an actor, writer, director and producer himself.

Pakis was behind award winning feature film The Garth Method (2004) which is distributed in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada by Accent and Vanguard Entertainment.

Pakis followed it up with a documentary about his journey hitch-hiking from Melbourne to Cairns. Currently he is in post production for The Joe Manifesto, his second feature – which is incredibly productive for an artist who lives in his van.

That’s correct, Pakis has been living in his van around the inner city of Melbourne for a few years now – with no shower, toilet, or domestic luxuries. Are you inspired? Pakis made Garth Lives In A Van, a low budget doco about the experience and the art of alternative living.

And now Pakis creates a film night and exhibits films, where any donations received go to charity!

So, if you’re sick of watching formulaic McMovies and bored by average nights out surrounded by alcohol and drugs, why not attend the 2nd Guerilla Film Nite? A night of interesting cinema and conversation.

Here’s what the Guerilla Schedule looks like.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a cinephile, a movie-goer or an artist wanting to network. Guerilla Film Nite is the place to be.