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Marilyn Monroe Biography and Movies

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | March 11, 2012

As we welcome the changing leaves of Autumn and the days grow a little colder, a lot of us choose to spend our leisure time indoors.

May I suggest that you spend some time with Marilyn?

Marilyn Monroe has been dead for 50 years and is still as much alive today as ever. The legend and essence of ‘Miss M’ live on.

Many perceive Marilyn as a dumb blonde or a set of measurements, when in fact she was a smart business woman, a talented comedienne and an avid reader whose vulnerability and truthfulness won her fans, the world over.

I totally recommend buying or renting some films she starred in. My two favourites are Gentleman Prefer Blondes & How To Marry A Millionaire.

If you’re a fan of 50’s music like myself, why not buy a CD of her songs? She was a soulful singer with a husky voice. Listening to her sing River Of No Return or I Want To Be Loved By You is an absolute treat. Pour yourself a glass of bubbly with some strawberries and soak up the miracle that is Monroe.

Not in the mindset of movie watching or listening to tunes? Well, how about a Marilyn Monroe Biography? There is enough written to fill ten rooms. Many are available to hire at the library or purchase for a cheaper price at second hand stores.

You’re not a reader? I’m still not going to let you leave this article scot free. I must continue with the power of persuasion.

How about browsing through a coffee table book of Marilyn pictures. You can borrow them from most libraries or find them in the reference section.

I suggest checking out photographers Milton Greene or Sam Shaw photos of Marilyn. They captured a side of Marilyn unseen in other portraits by other photographers.

Obviously I am ‘Marilyn-mad’ and I am always up for sharing her with others to be affected by her magic.

I have been a Marilyn collector since I was 13 and was fortunate enough to play her in a successful Australian short film Gemini Descending in 2006, which did well within the Aussie festival circuit.

I hope I have persuaded you to pursue Miss Monroe. She is the epitome of femininity and a healthy role model for girls with curves. She flaunted hers and why not? Curves are beautiful.

Here’s a taster to get you started on your Marilyn journey. A clip from Gentleman Prefer Blondes.

Mesmerise yourself with Marilyn. She’s worth the punt.