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5 Aphrodisiacs to Spice Up Your Love Life

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | February 27, 2012

An aphrodisiac is something that provokes desire, such as a food, drink, drug or behaviour.

The name derives from the greek goddess ~Aphrodite ~ The Goddess of Love & Sexuality.

Scientists tend to regard the aphrodisiac as a placebo effect but nonetheless, I think there is something beautiful and mystical about the art of provoking the libido.

It is a fact, that people with a robust sex life, are healthier and happier.

So why not become the ‘Aphrodite’ of your world and try some of the aphrodisiacs below?


Originally thought to be an aphrodisiac due to their shape, now research suggests they provoke desire due to their zinc factor.

Whatever the reason, who needs an excuse to eat oysters?
Costing only $12 a dozen, at most markets means you are only $12 away from a spicier sex life.


The perfect aphrodisiac. Vino equals love. Surely all the poets didn’t get it wrong? There is an Italian proverb A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.’ I have to agree, Vino certainly gets the bells ringing in my household. (teehee)

Figs and Avocados

I have read that these two fruits are considered aphrodisiacs in some cultures and I can see why. Their texture, consistency, taste and shape spell the word sexy.


They say that laughing is the best medicine and I agree 100%. No matter how bad a situation is, there is always a funny side. Nothing is sexier than a person who can make you laugh. Humour is a powerful aphrodisiac.


We tend to associate desire with the body, yet desire resides in the mind too. Foreplay should begin in the morning in the form of respect and kindness towards your partner, not just when you jump into bed.

Here’s to aphrodisiacs and a spicier love life!