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Should there be more child free dining options in Australia?

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | February 19, 2012

Mentioning the term ‘child free’ in this day and age, one fears being labelled a child hater or discriminative.

It seems society is broken into two, those who have children and those who don’t.

After my gym workout this morning, I decided to venture to a new café, with the intention of getting some work done on my laptop.

I found a table next to the window and ordered my usual ‘flat white’ before getting cosy for some quiet time.

The universe decided to humour me, as moments later a group of mothers and their children walked in, perching themselves at the table next to mine.

The waiter came by and they all ordered their usual – ‘a skinny-soy-decaf-no-life-latte’ (why bother drinking coffee at all?)

Besides our differing coffee tastes, a bigger issue was emerging.

Their combined group of children were running a riot in the café. I was practicing tolerance, reminding myself, that I once was a child too!

But then their mothers began to run riot.

One of the mothers had pulled an ultrasound photo from her handbag, with the news that she is in fact ‘expecting.’

‘Oh my god!’ One of the mothers repeatedly shrieked.

‘This must be like the ‘pregnancy cafe”. Another chimed in, waving her friends ultrasound snapshot at the waiter with excitement.

Within 15 seconds flat, I had paid for my coffee, packed up my laptop and was on the other side of the street.

As the cold breeze kissed my cheek, I began to think about the recent media I had read and seen about child free zones.

Do you think there should be more child free cafes and restaurants in Australia?

I do. We all deserve options.

How do I like my coffee?

With a bit of peace and quiet, thanks.