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Community Visitors Scheme @ Melbourne City Mission

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | February 18, 2012

Nothing riles me more, than when I see people being dismissive of the elderly in our community. Unfortunately as we continue in our obsession with youth culture, the elders of society get pushed aside, forgotten.

What we forget is that they are the foundation on which we build our structures, they are wisdom personified. These people lived through wars and recessions and paved the way for the freedom we have today.

Melbourne City Mission has a ‘Community Visitors Scheme’ which hooks you up with an elderly person to befriend and visit once a week.

I have worked as a volunteer with the elderly and it is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever encounter, as you are literally changing another human being’s life, as well as deepening your own.

My parents were in their early-late forties when I was born, so in my twenties, I witnessed my parents (then in their 70’s), in nursing homes and it can be a very sad and lonely decline. Fortunately my parents had my siblings and myself but other elderly people aren’t so fortunate and never have visitors.

Give back to your community today.

Visit the Melbourne City Mission website and sign up today.

It will change your life!