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Cycling in Melbourne

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | February 8, 2012

I have no idea how he got it down the chimney but what I do know, is now I cycle everywhere.

Cycling is a healthy choice of transport, a way to tone up those hips, thighs and abdominals. It’s faster than walking and cheaper than driving or catching public transport.

I feel you observe the scenery more on a bike, I know I have discovered various cafes, parks and secluded locations that I would never have discovered on my local tram route.

Below I have listed some places in Melbourne that are an absolute delight to the keen cyclist. Feel free to comment and to tell us about your favourite places to cycle in Melbourne.


Great bike track. Great riverside views. Great café strip.

Albert Park Lake

What a joy for the cycling enthusiast! Why not pop into The Point after your bike ride for a bite to eat.

If you are cycling with the kids, there’s a lookout tower next to The Point that tends to be popular amongst the youngsters!

Edwardes Lake

Located in Reservoir, West Preston area. Edwardes Lake is a lovely spot for a bike ride. Lots of wildlife and birds. Great barbecue areas for the family. A fairly tranquil spot if you are requiring a space for contemplation and relaxation.

Merri Creek Trail

A beautiful bike track. Most picturesque. I have run into rats and rabbits on my rides. (Not of the human kind – haha)

So get on your bikes folks and start peddling.