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Polly Cocktail Lounge

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | November 5, 2011

Want a bit of glamour this weekend? Then get yourself to the Polly Cocktail Lounge in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

This stunning venue, has a Moulin Rouge, vampiric feel to it. Filled with crushed velvet lounges and vintage furniture, the Polly Cocktail Lounge takes you back to a bygone era.

Whether you’re a lady of leisure who likes to sip at her whisky or a stylish lad who wants to have a beer with the boys, Polly is the place to go.

With over sixty cocktails to choose from plus local and international beers, spirits, liquors, wines and champagnes, it offers something for everyone. I personally recommend the ‘Dominatrix’ cocktail for lovers of chocolate and cream, like myself. Their red wine menu is impressive and perfect with a pizza (only $6).

One of the outstanding features of Polly is the outside smokers area, located at the entrance. Stunning in marble, with greenery and statues honouring the feminine, it gives those who like to indulge in a cigarette, a place to be social, while giving coverage from the weather, rain, hail or shine.

For designated drivers or those who don’t drink, Polly offers coffee, tea, hot chocolate and the yummiest mocktails. For those who are fans of the cigar, Polly possesses it’s own cigar menu, so inviting, one can feel the ambience of Winston Churchill.

It is without a doubt, my favourite drinking and eating venue in Melbourne. Over the years, I have used it for birthday parties, after work meetings and coffee catchups.

With vintage style being all the rage right now, I provoke you to visit Polly this weekend.